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PPM::Repositories 0.15

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PPM::Repositories 0.15Description

List of Perl Package Manager repositories
PPM::Repositories is a Perl module that contains a list of PPM repositories for Perl 5.6 and later. For backwards compatibility reasons it exposes the data in 2 different mechanism.The new interface uses API functions and is supplied for the benefit of PPM version 4 and later. The old interface directly exposes the %Repositories hash and should be used for PPM version 2 and 3.SYNOPSIS # Print all repositories for all architectures use PPM::Repositories qw(get list used_archs); for my $arch (used_archs()) { print "$arch
"; for my $name (list($arch)) { my %repo = get($name, $arch); next unless $repo{packlist}; print " $name
"; for my $field (sort keys %repo) { printf " %-12s %s
", $field, $repo{$field}; } } } Requirements:
· Perl

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